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Project Books aims to record all the books as well as their editions of various languages in Crystal Pool. This project uses wikidata:Project:WikiProject Books as basic reference.

Basic concepts

In this site, we distinguish between book/work items and their respective edition items. For example, the book

The Fourth Apprentice (Q158)

has the following editions in English

If you are mentioning a book in some claims, regardless of the specific edition, use the book item. If you are citing the reference of a specific claim, use the edition item with chapter (P31) or page(s) (P54).

Work items

Work items are Wikibase items with instance of (P3): book (Q46). Other items may behave like work items, such as instances of electronic document (Q4318) or play (Q4320).

We do not state the number of pages or chapters in work items. We state them in edition items instead, because they may vary from edition to edition.

Characters in work items

Use characters (P119) to denote all the characters present in the work. To distinguish between the roles of a character, qualify the claim with narrative role (P120). You may specify one or more of the following values for this qualifier:

For minor characters that only have its sporadic presence in the work, for now we qualify them with nothing, and simply classify them as "other characters" implicitly.

For characters that only get mentioned in the work, we do not count in as "characters in the work".

Note that the classification of character roles may not be necessarily the same as Allegiances part of Warriors book.

Chapter items

Chapter items are Wikibase items with instance of (P3): chapter (Q109). Sometimes we need to refer to a specific chapter for indication of a) a chapter itself, or b) a point on timeline (aka. landmarks). An example of chapter item is The Fourth Apprentice, Chapter 1 (Q1234).

Due to the inherent limitation of Wikibase, the labels of every chapter need to be edited one by one. However, please do not try edit them with your hand, as it will waste your precious energy. It's recommended to use a bot to do this. If you are not sure about this, please contact Administrators.

Edition items

Edition items are Wikibase items with instance of (P3): edition (Q47). Different editions are usually distinguished by their ISBN. Please specify ISBN-13 (P68) for each edition. ISBN-10 (P67) is optional. When citing for the existent of a book edition, cite the sources (usually the URL to an online bookstore) on the ISBN-13 (P68) claim.

When specifying labels of edition items, only specify the title in the edition's language. Do not translate the titles into other language (e.g. into English-language, while the edition is in French-language). However, you may specify descriptions in other languages.

We use the statements as claimed on the online bookstore to populate the edition item, which means the author of most of the books should be Erin Hunter (Q38) instead of a specific member of the Erins.

We are going to record every edition of Warriors series in every language, except e-books for now, because their editions are hard to capture. Not to mention there are many e-book editions that do not have an ISBN (e.g. Kindle editions).

Box sets

For box sets, so long as they own their unique ISBN, they may have their own item, e.g. Omen of the Stars (Q442). In this case, the value of edition or translation of (P52) will be an arc, and aside from hardback (Q102), paperback (Q103), or other binding types, you need to add box set (Q465) as a value of distribution (P69).