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Warriors Family Tree (Code name: Moth Flight) is a web app displaying the family tree of the characters in Warriors series, backed by the data from Crystal Pool. The data used in the app is usually updated once a week.

Live site URL is

See for the project background and technical details.

Embeddable family tree

This web app is embbedable, which means you can place the family tree of a character on your web page (including Wiki sites). See warriors:zh:Blog:我们有自动家谱树了 for an example of this.

For technical details on how to place the family tree on your web page, see [1].

Contributing to the translations

If you would like to improve the translation of the web app itself (rather than its data, i.e., the translation of a cat, a clan, or a book), see [2] for guidance.

If you would like to improve the translation of the entities (a cat, a clan, or a book), read the section below.

Contributing to the data source

This web app uses a subset of the data provided by Crystal Pool. If you see missing or incorrect data (including translation) in the app, you can rectify this by yourself!

See Crystal Pool:Getting started for a guidance on applying for an account and make contributions. If you haven't receive the approval in 2 days, kindly ping us via #Contact information listed below.

As the data is synchronized back to the web app usually once a week, you won't be able to see the change immediately. Please take account of this delay.

Contact information

If you

  • need help with the embedable family tree,
  • need help with approving the new account request,
  • see any technical or content errors in the application,
  • or simply have any suggestions,

please use one of the following approaches to reach us!

You are also welcome to join the Discord channel for general chatting on this topic.