Crystal Pool:Status update

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There is still a long way before this database can be considered completed.

Stage 1 (Phase I)

  • ✓ Done Create entities for each arc and volume
  • ✓ Done Create entities for each chapter in the book (for dating an event on storyline)
  •  Doing… Create entities for each published edition
    • cs
    • de
    • ✓ Done en
    • es
    • fi
    • fr
    • it
    • lt
    • nl
    • pl
    • ru
    • uk
    • ✓ Done zh
  • ✓ Done Create entities for each character in the book (but claims might be missing)

Stage 2

  • ✓ Done Migrate the language links of book/character articles on warriors:zh:, using sitelinks provided by Crystal Pool
  • ✓ Done Enable tracking of moved/deleted pages on client sites, updating sitelinks automatically
  •  Doing… We need more kinds of claims for the character items!

Stage 3 (Phase II)

  •  Doing… User:CXuesong is planning to substitute Wikibase with something more awesome!