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Timeline is used to identify the time point on the storyline where an event happens.

It's well known by Warriors Wiki contributors that Warriors series has a conflicting storyline that, without carefully interpretation, may overlap or may have gaps. On Crystal Pool, we used the assumptions as made by Warriors:User:SuSusann, and the detailed correspondence of the book and absolute time span used on this site is arranged out by User:Dravex Tigerfur.

For now, we primarily follow the summarized timeline table in Warriors:zh:时间线.


To denote "when" an event takes place, we use certain landmark entities to a point on the story timeline. This is similar to denote the place where you buy something with a supermarket, instead of geological coordinates.

When you specify the value for timeline-related properties, such as start point on timeline (P92), end point on timeline (P93), or birth time on timelime (P95), you need to use a landmark entity.

For now, the landmarks should be any entity that is an instance or subclass of

Example of such entities are

Note that work item (or book) entity is different from edition entity. See Crystal Pool:Books for more information.

Reification of timeline

To make it possible for machine to decide precedence and the distance of two points on timeline, we need to set up a timeline origin and decide the numeric position of these landmarks. Currently, we use Warriors:zh:Module:Timeline/bookData to determine the absolute position of the landmarks.

Related properties

See Special:WhatLinksHere/Property:P91 for a rough list of properties that you can use to indicate time on the Warriors storyline.