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If you would like to join us in contributing to the structured data, you may need this guide to get started.

Request for an account

You need to have an account on this site to login and edit. If you don't have one, go to Special:RequestAccount. Expect your account request to take at least 1 day to be approved. After approval, you should receive an e-mail containing a temporary password that you can login with. If you get no response after 2 days, check your Junk Mail folder, or consider joining the Discord channel written on Crystal Pool:About and ping the sysop(s).

Prepare your user page

Go to your user page, optionally write something, like self introduction and contact information. Most importantly, write the following snippet (usually on top of the page) with a list of language codes so the site can recognize your language preference


Some rules:

  • each parameter provided to #Babel starts with a language code (e.g. zh-tw-1). If you are not sure about language codes, consider choosing from wikipedia:List of ISO 639-1 codes.
  • each language code optinally follows a dash and a number ranging from 0 to 5 (e.g. zh-tw-1), where 0 indicates you do not understand this language at all, and 5 means you master this language like a native speaker.
    • use -N to indicate you are a native speaker of this language (e.g. zh-tw-N). Neglecting the whole suffix has the same effect as sufixing with -N (e.g. zh-tw).

See mw:Extension:Babel#Usage for the detailed syntax. After submitting the changes, you should see a Babel box on your user page. You can move the snippet to anywhere you like on the user page.

Now you can confirm your language preferences at Special:MyLanguageFallbackChain.

N.b. though stating languages you do not understand (-0 suffix) in the Babel box seems useless sometimes, it can tell Wikibase to show labels of these languages in the "Entity Labels" sections, and this can be helpful if you are adding labels languages that you don't understand (but you should have enough information to confirm you are adding the correct label).

Make contributions

Main article:Crystal Pool:About


Main article:Crystal Pool:About